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Regional Finalists Announced

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Boston District Winners
Brooke Dircks, 25, soprano
Abigail Dock, 25, mezzo-soprano
Celeste Godin, 28, soprano
EphiGenia Kastanas, 30, soprano
Daniel Noyola, 25, Bass-baritone
Andrew Paulson, 27, baritone
Erica Petrocelli, 25, soprano
Yi Wang, soprano, 28

Connecticut District Winners

Matthew Cossack, 25, baritone
Zaray Rodriguez, 27, mezzo-soprano
Xiaomeng Zhang, 27, baritone

Learn more about our finalists here.

Join us January 28th at 1pm to hear this incredible group of singers.  Tickets here.

Katherine LuellenRegional Finalists Announced

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