Frequently Asked Questions for Patrons

 What are the Patron Levels and what privileges come with each?

Friends $25 Your name will appear in the program.
Donors $100 Your name will appear in the program and you will receive preferred seating.
Sponsors $250 Same as above plus an invitation to the reception with the judges and singers, where the finalists are announced.
Benefactors $500 All of the above plus an invitation to the Semifinals Auditions.


Click here to download the patron's form..



How do I know if I am currently on the mailing list?

We send our October mailing announcing the current year's schedule and the date of the Finals' Concert to anyone we've heard from (anyone who has purchased a ticket or made a donation) within the past three years. If your name has been dropped from the mailing list and you wish to have it back on, please email the webmaster and we will be happy to send you the current mailing.

Is it necessary to make a donation. I just want to purchase a ticket?

A donation is not necessary. Tickets are
$20 each.


What happens to the money taken in?

All proceeds—donations and ticket income—are used to support our program. All committee members are volunteers.


When are tickets mailed out?

Tickets are all mailed at the end of January, regardless of when they were purchased. We keep a record of names and ticket numbers, in the event that tickets are lost.











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